Early detection is critical to managing bushfires before they cause widespread devastation.

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Bushfire-detecting satellite set to be launched into space

Geostationary satellite to detect bushfires
Geostationary satellite to detect bushfires

A satellite used to detect bushfires will be the first payload on a new Australian “space taxi”.

The Space Machines Company has signed a deal to take the equipment into orbit in March 2022 on its transport Optimus-1.

The satellite is the work of Queensland-based company Fireball. International, which combines artificial intelligence, satellites and ground sensors and camera to detect and track fires.

The Fireball system, which can detect and report on bushfires less than three minutes after they start, is used in California and talks are underway with governments to roll out the technology in Australia.

“We are proud to enable this vital and pioneering Australian space technology deployment,” Space Machines Company founder and chief executive Rajat Kulshrestha said.

“Space technology has vital real-world applications, and it’s important for Australia as a country to build and own the technology that allows us to explore the possibilities space offers.”

Another Australian company, Gilmour Space Technologies, is providing the rockets for the mission.

by 7News.com.au 1 March 2021