Gabrielle wears currently her angel wings
COO/Director: She wears her angel wings mostly, but when she takes them off you are in trouble


Gabrielle Tylor is a powerhouse of an executive. With over fifteen years of experience managing high-level corporate operations, she has a wealth of knowledge in business relations, change management, staff development, and company operations. She has a Master’s in Business Administration, an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design, and a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours). She has achieved 15 Academic Excellence Awards and twice the Golden Key International Award from the Swinburne University of Technology. Currently, she is also working on her PhD in Organisational Psychology, which will give her a deeper understanding of how people think, act and feel in the workplace.

In her spare time, she enjoys designing interiors, painting, and gardening; she is a stickler for detail, so do not mess with her, or she will take her wings off!

“Contributing to exci's early bushfire detection service gives me a deep sense of human solidarity”