Gabrielle wears currently her angel wings
"Gabrielle wears her angel wings most days, but beware when she takes them off."


Gabrielle is a seasoned executive with over fifteen years of experience in high-level corporate operations. She brings a wealth of expertise in business relations, change management, staff development, and company operations to her role as exci’s Executive Director.
With a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), Gabrielle has received numerous academic awards, including the prestigious Golden Key International Award from Swinburne University of Technology. She also has pursued a PhD in Organisational Psychology to deepen her understanding of workplace dynamics.
In her spare time, Gabrielle enjoys expressing her creativity through interior design, painting, and gardening, reflecting her keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence.
Gabrielle’s leadership is characterized by her commitment to excellence and ability to inspire those around her. As exci’s Executive Director, she is poised to lead the company towards continued success, leveraging her expertise to drive innovation and growth.

“Contributing to exci's early bushfire detection service gives me a deep sense of human solidarity”