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Smoke detectors and fire alarms are now mandated by law for all homes and places of business. We know that being alerted to a fire as soon as possible can save lives and property. Early detection is the key to early action, minimising the danger and the damage caused by fires.

exci detects bushfires automatically within minutes and evaluates their growth in real-time, using satellite and ground-based sensor data analysed by powerful deep machine learning algorithms. Even small fires are automatically detected within minutes with a near-zero rate of false positives.

Early detection is critical to managing bushfires
before they cause widespread devastation.

The problem we are solving

Over the last decade, this planet has experienced some of the worst fires in recorded history. Unfortunately, studies predict that this situation will continue to worsen.

The economic, social, and environmental impact caused by bushfires is severe. Even towns close to a fire, but not directly affected, are still subject to a downturn in their economy (e.g. tourists staying away, loss in retail business, transport disruptions).

Even though bushfires have always the potential to be destructive, the actions we take to mitigate, prepare and respond to severe bushfires will ultimately determine the level of severity and the degree of recovery from social, environmental, and economic impacts. The best way to reduce the incidence and severity of bushfires is simple: Detect fires early and put them out fast before they can spread and cause catastrophic damage.

Yet, detecting a bushfire can take up to 90 minutes after ignition for the fire to be noticed and reported. exci (formerly Fireball.International) provides a solution to this problem.

exci’s early bushfire detection system can help build resilient communities

A critical component of community resilience is the existence of local early warning systems. exci provides an early bushfire detection and assessment system that mitigates significantly the negative social, environmental, and economic impact of fires on communities.

Bushfires highlight the importance of whole-system thinking. Any one system, whether it is energy, communications, transport, or ecological systems, will not be resilient in an extreme event, if the other, interdependent systems are not.

Protecting valuable assets

The loss of power has a direct impact on the communications sector. The impact of damaged infrastructure extends to industries such as farming and tourism. Loss of farmland affects food security. Destroyed forestry has a devastating impact on timber production. The cost of bushfires has a tremendous impact on the financial stability of the insurance industry. The affected communities have been significantly impacted by all these losses.

This means protecting the assets of power suppliers, telecommunication companies, forestry, agriculture and so on will in turn mitigate the negative impact on communities.

exci removes the need for dedicated staff to monitor individual camera feeds

exci combines ground- based and space-based technologies, dramatically improving the performance and results of large scale implementations

Even small fires are automatically detected within minutes with a near-zero rate of false positives

exci is scalable and has no upper limit

exci is successfully demonstrated in large and small scale deployments

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Early detection is critical to managing bushfires
before they cause widespread devastation.

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