Early detection is critical to managing bushfires before they cause widespread devastation.

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Detecting Fires to keep the Community safe: First Camera installed in Peregian to detect and report on Fire Outbreaks

Fire Detection Camera installed in the Peregian Digital Hub to detect and report fires
exci installs a fire detection camera installed in the Peregian Digital Hub

Protecting the community is at the heart of what Fireball.International does.

A global company based locally at the Digital Hub in Peregian Beach, Directors Chris & Gabrielle Tylor were devastated when the fires threatened to engulf the area late last year.

They knew their company, Fireball.International, could make a difference by detecting and identifying fires in less than three minutes and alerting authorities so that action could be taken swiftly.

Currently, it takes approximately 45 minutes for a bushfire to be reported. Relying on the human eye and the concern of inquisitive observers, it is often by chance that a fire is first noticed and reported. Precious minutes are often wasted as onlookers are not sure whether the fire has already been reported.

But artificial intelligence combined with satellites and ground sensors are changing all of that.

Utilising satellite and ground-based sensor/camera data as well as airborne assets combined with powerful deep machine learning algorithms, Fireball’s FUEGO intelligence system can detect fires automatically within minutes and evaluate their growth in real-time, allowing for rapid, effective fire suppression.

The impact of mobilizing emergency services within minutes can make all the difference in being able to protect and save lives, homes, businesses, and the animals who call the bushland home.


The camera installed today at the Peregian Digital Hub is an initial test camera and its images will be transferred directly to FUEGO-Intelligence, a powerful artificial intelligence hosted in the cloud.

Co-founder and managing Director of Fireball.InternationalChristopher Tylor said, “This camera, even though it is a temporary test installation, will monitor the area around the clock.

We have other cameras ready to roll out and the satellite is in place to deliver this service right here – right now.” Christopher said.

Fireball’s FUEGO system is implemented in California and has proven to be more reliable, faster, and accurate than the existing alternatives.

Currently, their Artificial Intelligence Engine is processing nearly one billion images per year from ~1000 ground-based cameras detecting fires as early as a minute after they start. Fireball is also analysing around 500,000 satellite images per year (one every 60 seconds).

Fireball’s FUEGO intelligence system currently monitors around 123 Million acres 24/7 from Mexico to Canada covering California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington issuing alerts shortly after ignition. So far in this 2020 California fire season, Fireball has detected and confirmed at least 850 fires.

Fireball.International will be hosting a demonstration day, in conjunction with Helitak and QFES where they will be able to demonstrate their capabilities to the media, all levels of government and other key stakeholders.




by Jennifer Swaine/Fireball.International

13 November 2020