Early detection is critical to managing bushfires before they cause widespread devastation.

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Swinburne introduces Impact Award recipient exci

Passion led us here
Photo by Ian Schneider via unsplash

Christopher and Gabrielle Tylor are two of Swinburne University of Technology’s exceptional finalists for the 2022 Alumni Impact Awards. Both are passionate about finding innovative solutions to mitigate climate change. 

Observing and experiencing the climate change-driven implications of unprecedented fire disasters across the globe that destroyed millions of hectares of land, lives, ecological systems, and infrastructure, Gabrielle and Christopher decided to develop and commercialise a proprietary scalable AI-powered early bushfire detection and notification system.

Swinburne acknowledged their entrepreneurial success in developing an innovative solution to the global problem of more intense, frequent, and increasing numbers of bushfires that have catastrophic economic, social, and environmental impacts.

Christopher and Gabrielle are co-founders and Directors of exci, a commercial early bushfire detection system. exci is the Smoke Alarm for the Bush. The exci system detects bushfires automatically within minutes, combining satellite and ground-based sensor data that are analysed by powerful deep machine learning algorithms for the presence of smoke and heat. Even small fires are automatically detected within minutes following ignition, with a near-zero rate of false positives.

exci has been deployed globally. During the 2021 California season, exci has monitored over 125 million acres from Mexico to Canada, covering California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington and parts of Australia. exci also protects the valuable assets of Australian plantation and forestry owners with over 2 million hectares.

Christopher and Gabrielle have harnessed the invaluable power of people and technology, working together to prevent thousands of tragedies and to build a better world that can protect the livelihoods of many. 

Video source: created by Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne


by Gabrielle Tylor

2 October 2022